Nintendo video is video.

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Eh, the whole "random adding and deleting of video" thing isn't that bad from a business standpoint. It encourages people to actually use the app regularly, instead of checking when it's convenient for them. This can allow them to make money in two ways:

1. Ads.
2. Word-of-Mouth. If the videos are any good, the service could help sell systems. Like imagine if you are sitting in a Starbucks, giggling away at exclusive 3D videos sent straight to you, people around you who aren't too busy pretending to write novels might want in on your apparent fun.

Plus, this is another reason to keep the 3DS on you, which seems to be Nintendo's master plan.
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It's been known that the videos get deleted for a while, and it's now that people are complaining. And as it was posted earlier, the video is still there. Just use the search function.
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Is this like the same crap we get in japan with just random crap Nintendo throws up.
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wave1000 posted...
Is this like the same crap we get in japan with just random crap Nintendo throws up.

I don't see anything wrong with what Japan offers. (But I've left Japan again so I can't use the service for the next few months)

Personally the SpotPass TV vids were enjoyable (half of them) , and the NV ones were interesting.

and that whole discussion about 'updating at unpredictable times' [not sure, only skimmed through it], is a load of crap.

The apps update at regular times.
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