About all the negative posts.. lets take a trip back in time to March 2005

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Back then the DS was the "third tier" meaning that Nintendo wasn't sure how it would do and was prepared for its failure whereas the 3DS was expected to do awesomely and didn't meet their expectations.
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Well done! Beat the prospective into all the negative nancys if you have too!
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damn my main ( Kitt Thrust ) was suspended again... It better not be banned, it was my main account and 10 years old..

I thought people would get a kick out of this topic.
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This topic is win.
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Wow, this topic is perfect, it should be sticky, it looks like no one in this board ever got a console at launch....

Sticky requested....
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This is gamefaqs. People have came to this site for years just to complain about crap no normal person really cares about... then others get modded for complaining about complainers.
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Sticky requested? Sigh...

Kitt_Thrust, I wish you would take this point more seriously. The fact of the matter is that the DS and 3DS are in different situations. Where the DS was unproven, the 3DS is proven. Nothing about the 3DS is really in a "my God, is Nintendo crazy?! How could they release such an obvious failure?!", a sentiment that was common with both the DS and Wii before release (Kinect as well). In fact, the 3DS had probably the highest pre-release expectations of any Nintendo system since the GBA line. We also have to remember that the Vita is a far greater threat for the 3DS than the PSP was to the DS.
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