How the heck is MML3 in the top 10 games if its cancelled??

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People who don't understand need to take their favorite games, and imagine them cancelled. I've never played Megaman Legends but it's still part of the Megaman fan base. The same way people like Mario, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Advance Wars, Starfox, Pokemon, Donkey Kong, Sonic, Call of Duty, Halo, Gears of Wars, Battlefield, Forza, Killzone, Grand Theft Auto, and other games that have developed fans and have one of their games cancelled, I think some people would get pissed. You don't have to visit the board... Ignore it.
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The thing is, if you've played any sizeable number of games, there's really no reason to have Mega Man Legends as you're favorite. It's just mediocre all around. There's far better on every single system.

I got a little careless, I'll admit it. I need to cut down on how direct I am with reality.
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Once again... That's your opinion. There isn't a standard on what should be ones favorite game. One of my favorite games is a lesser known game from the PSX games known as Jersey Devil. A lot of people don't know what that is, but that's fine. I had the game, I enjoyed it a lot, so thus it's one of my favorites.
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I'm confused. You keep saying "opinion" like it's at all relevant to anything I've said.
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zerokandery posted...
hayIey posted...
It's rated exactly for what it is: mediocrity. Actually, Mega Man Legends may be the very definition of overrated, seeing as people actually speak of it and react to its cancellation as if it was something worth being upset about.

When you play a game that ended in a cliff-hanger, and wait for a sequel 10+ years, and when it's announced, you get super happy and participate in Development, and Buy the System early so you can buy the game later.

This summarizes the frustration of Shenmue fans.
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It is relevant. Just for saying that people who've played any sizable amount of games... That makes an opinion.
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hayleywiIIiams posted...
I'm confused. You keep saying "opinion" like it's at all relevant to anything I've said.

It is. Calling a game mediocre is an opinion, regardless of experience.
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I don't care for Legends, but this pretty much means the death of Mega Man, so of course I'm upset

I'm sure there are more like myself
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