100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends Facebook group

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legendarylemur posted...

Also, from what I've seen, fan created games rarely succeed. There's a reason why game developers have a job as game developers, and why fans are just fans. In the end, sometimes the game developers know what you like better than you do. It's their job to know. Chances are, this game might have been an ugly clusterf*** that nobody would like

Aside from the sidekick for Barrett, everything else was simply voting for designs and returning reaverbots. There has been absolutely no fan input into how the story goes, the missions go, etc., so this is nowhere NEAR close to being a "fanmade" game. It's a game made with more fan participation than usual yes, but the majority was still being decided by the developers.

I seriously don't know how people have come to the stupid conclusion that the entire game was being dictated by fans rather than certain design/visual elements. If you just took a look at the site once you'd see how wrong that conclusion was.
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I've been trying to raise awareness on a few forums I visit.

It's not much, but I'll do all I can for this game.