So what does everyone think about the videos in Nintendo Videos?

#1JamesccgPosted 7/22/2011 11:29:34 AM
I like the dino one. The Capt. America was cool. That block on was ok. The last one was stupid.
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#2OmegaZero633Posted 7/22/2011 11:34:41 AM
It was...a unique experience.
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#3Final Fantasy2389Posted 7/22/2011 11:43:50 AM
I liked the block one. The dino one was meh but I'm not a huge fan of College Humor. Capt. America is the same trailer I've seen 15+times in the last 2 months but in 3D so I stopped it 1/3 through. I don't see how the "last one was stupid." It was a quick and effective way of telling you what the Nintendo Video service is about without boring you or making you read pages and pages of information.
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#4Kitt ThrustPosted 7/22/2011 11:47:05 AM
they're ok.
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#5CrazeePeterPosted 7/22/2011 11:51:36 AM
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#6darkqueenhelbaPosted 7/22/2011 11:52:37 AM
I think it's a BLOODY HEAD! And it's a JIM DANDY!!! Hyuck!!
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#7IronTuskPosted 7/22/2011 11:53:41 AM
It was pretty solid. The service has potential in terms of curating interesting material. But really they should just have a YouTube app.
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#8silo_eyesPosted 7/22/2011 11:55:00 AM
Was it just me or was the Capt. America trailer volume really low? Slider all the way up and could barely hear it.
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#9IlazulPosted 7/22/2011 11:56:18 AM
pretty lame.
#10The BeanPosted 7/22/2011 12:03:09 PM
the block one reminded me of minecraft...