Who want's to save Megaman and get a 3DS ware game in the process?

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andodel posted...
The reason there is'nt a whole lot of "3DS ware" is because devs would rather make DSi ware which is available on the DSi and on the 3DS. Making stuff exclusve for the 3DS that can also be made for the DSi makes no sense. So spend some points on DSi ware.

Isn't that just as true for retail? It may be a bigger risk, but if Nintendo doesn't encourage developers to make more 3DSware games, the eShop will never take off.
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Vyers posted...
Isn't that just as true for retail? It may be a bigger risk, but if Nintendo doesn't encourage developers to make more 3DSware games, the eShop will never take off.

Yeah, that's what I thought this was all about. I thought the eShop was going to be some grand scheme like PSN or XBL where there would be a lot to download, even it's not all at once. Capcom said they were going in at launch. I thought maybe nintendo's online shop might be different this time around, but it's not looking to go that way.
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CommanderxGreen posted...
Capcom thinks the fans don't care about MegaMan Legends because they ran the Devroom events for ten months and only something like 15,000 people showed up. Now that it's been cancelled all of a sudden everyone wants to get on board supporting this thing. I really don't get people.

Yes, because every fan has the time or artistic talent to actually contribute on a dev board. I work 2 jobs, lack the quick artistic talent of being able to sketch something of quality quickly. I don't have time like I used to when the first and second game came out 11 years ago when I was 11 to be able to contribute. But you can bet your ass I would have bought the prototype tge moment it was available and the game itself when it came out.

If you really think a dev board is the best way of gauging fan support then you're a deluded idiot. Especially because capcom themselves said the prototype was how they were going to gauge the market for the game, and they don't even give us that chance to show them.
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If you actually reach your goal on that FB page, Capcom might take some notice. 100k isn't a huge lot, but it's enough to get a message across. I'm sick of seeing people that think a couple thousand is going to do the job.
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MicroOmegaMan posted...
How about something that doesn't require a Facebook or Twitter account?
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Sign that petition, but you should also consider making a fb account so you can join the group. You don't have to use it afterward if you don't want to.
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rapsbry posted...
there's a petition you can sign. You just need an email address and a name. :P There's another topic on the board here.

I'm the TC of that topic :P
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