The 3DS of my girlfriend always have the 3D turned ON ......

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User Info: skulldevil1

5 years ago#1
anyone had that problem? or do I just have to return it to Nintendo ?

User Info: Pickton_Manning

5 years ago#2
do you mean the 3D effect, or just the light? Because the light is always lit when the content on the screen can be viewed in 3D

User Info: Grandy12

5 years ago#3
Depends, have you tryed slyding the slider down?
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User Info: scrahfy

5 years ago#4
ignore this cat...hes baiting you and being dumb

User Info: phantom_14

5 years ago#5
lucky you.
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User Info: ShowgunLogun

5 years ago#6
Uhm if this is a problem you can have it fixed by Nintendo for free.
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User Info: MizuhoChama

5 years ago#7
You're on GameFAQs. You're not fooling anybody.
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User Info: J_pheonix

5 years ago#8
I have that same issue. I sent mine in.

And no i'm not lying.
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User Info: so64

5 years ago#9
andylee999 posted...
You're on GameFAQs. You're not fooling anybody.

He might not know, you know. In any case, the 3-D light indicates when one can view content in 3-D. It lights up when the content can be viewed in 3-D but does not indicate that the 3-D effect is active. You have to use the metal slider next to the 3-D light to look at something in 3-D...

Or it could legitimately be busted.
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User Info: Kitt Thrust

Kitt Thrust
5 years ago#10
if the top screen can display 3D in game or while using an app the ' 3D ' icon near the slider will always be lit green even if the slider is in the ' off ' position. If you can not turn off the 3D effect with the slider get it repaired.
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  3. The 3DS of my girlfriend always have the 3D turned ON ......

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