is the 3DS HD?

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4 years ago#41
Movies do look blurry though. ;(
isn't hearing technically a dimension? so this should be called the 4DS. - I_Always_Die
4 years ago#42
Soanevalcke6 posted...
Megaman Omega posted...
legendarylemur posted...
Halo3GAMEFREAK posted...
3DS XL (HD) would be sweet.

You realize that would have to be a whole new console with its own set of game library, right? lol

No, it wouldn't.

Yes, it would.

Games would have to be designed HD, and since the Regular 3DS isn't HD, it couldn't play those games.

No, that't not how it works. "HD" isn't a new CPU or something, it only has to do with resolution. Old games could be upscaled or even run natively at the higher resolution (that's the nice part about polygonal graphics being vector based) and new games could be made to run with either resolution. It's a pretty quick fix to make a game run at a different resolution. When you buy a PC game, you can also run it at a lot of different resolution without it having to be "designed HD" as you say.

There wouldn't even have to be different models to take advantage of the HD resolution. Just add a stronger GPU that is capable of rendering the graphics at the higher resolution, which shouldn't be a problem in a couple of years when an XL version is an option, if Moore's law & co. are any indication. Heck, i'd gladly pay $50 extra right now to have a 3DS that would have a stronger GPU to put AA on everything.
3D screens.. how do they work? are they similar to magnets? PS: Please no replies from scientists.. you're always lyin, and gettin me pissed.
~ Mario64DStyle
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