Bring 3DS to Canada's Wonderland...good idea?

#11GarbagePrincessPosted 7/23/2011 5:34:17 PM
Hide it in your/your friends' vehicle and arrive as early as possible to pick an optimal parking spot.

I'm not sure about the park's layout, but if you park the vehicle as close as possible to where pedestrian traffic goes through, you'll be able to catch Street Passes from people walking into the park. Should be a lot more effective than carrying the 3DS around, too.
#12moneyhead64Posted 7/23/2011 8:03:14 PM
I brought mine there twice, but safely stored in a medium-sized backpack. The first time I got 1 SP and the second time, 3 SPs. I haven't heard of a lot of stealing happening there or anything like that, especially since you store backpacks and stuff in the containers on the ride platforms. Unless you're just carrying it in your pocket, that might be a bit more difficult, unless you have good pockets that close fully (with zippers, buttons, etc.)