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User Info: SkynetAppleMac

5 years ago#1
a new one, design your own rides and ride them in first person view and 3D! man, that would be sweet.

User Info: strongo9

5 years ago#2
Lol, tycoon games.
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User Info: Chas3Th3Dr3am

5 years ago#3
You know what, that is a pretty nice mini-game idea.
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User Info: Korlithiel

5 years ago#4
Sounds like something that was released on the PSP, and got a sequel. Both had poor reviews as I recall.
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User Info: POWNZER_X

5 years ago#5
hmmmmm... interesting... roller toaster tycoon (as i lovingly call it) in 3d...

User Info: Capt_Senicide

5 years ago#6
Too bad chris sawyer isn't really involved with them anymore, I still play RCT2 on a pretty regular basis. The touch screen would really work out nicely.
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User Info: pansybadger

5 years ago#7
RCT2 was the bomb.

The absolute ****ing bomb. Now I want to go dig my copy out of the loft again :p
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User Info: Freelance_Wolf

5 years ago#8
Just play RCT 3 on PC. You design your own rides and 'ride' them yourself in first person view.
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User Info: Soanevalcke6

5 years ago#9
As long as its like RTC1 and 2, not 3, 3 was a piece of ****
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User Info: 94067

5 years ago#10
Rollercoaster Tycoon's interface would work really well on an iPad.
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