What are your hopes for 3DS WWE/Wrestling games?

#1wango07Posted 7/24/2011 2:24:22 PM
I know none have been announced, but I figure that's likely because THQ is essentially relaunching the brand with WWE '12 and want to focus their efforts on consoles this year. But there is bound to be a WWE game or even something outside of WWE like Fire Pro announced eventually. I can't say I played any of the DS wrestling games, but from what I've seen it doesn't seem like I missed too much. But with the 3DS's increased power, better online functionality, and perhaps the possibility of DLC with the eShop, I think handheld wrestling games could really take a step forward this generation.

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#2CorruptedRPGPosted 7/24/2011 2:28:26 PM
Zero. WWE games are stale now.
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#3whitaker6490Posted 7/24/2011 2:28:56 PM
A port of All-Stars would suffice for me.
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#4wango07(Topic Creator)Posted 7/24/2011 2:54:57 PM
Honestly, I hope they can add things to the experience to improve it (bigger roster, better animation, more moves, more CAW options) without necessarily trying to cram the whole console experience into a handheld.

If anything, it'd be nice to start their own series on 3DS (a la Day of Reckoning) with its own distinct features and gameplay so that it doesn't feel like a watered down version of the HD games.
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#5panama_chiefPosted 7/24/2011 3:25:17 PM(edited)
WCW Vs NWO/Wrestlemania 2000 port please. I don't even care about graphics. I just want to bash someone on the turnbuckle to see the bleed animation.....
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#6son_of_jorelPosted 7/24/2011 3:25:42 PM
my hopes? that they are far removed from the awful ds games. wwf games peaked gameplay wise with no mercy on the n64, i'd love an asthetic update with a new roster rather than trying to emulate the console games.
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#7gsdarkdawnPosted 7/24/2011 3:28:17 PM
I hope they're nonexistent.
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#8SSJ4CHRISPosted 7/24/2011 3:40:46 PM
I'd take a new wrestling game over another freaking remake any day of the year. The 3DS is new, why aren't its games?
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#9toma13Posted 7/24/2011 4:42:34 PM
I'd like to see this video made into a game:

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