C/D Demos are the next thing you want in an update for the 3DS.

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User Info: Sid3wind3r12

5 years ago#1
Obviously C for me since Im making this topic.
I really want demos because I think they would be even better than demos on a console or computer, I mean I think it would be awesome to have bits of a bunch of cool games to play on the go, and It would really increase the hype for the upcoming games for me..
Plus I don't have a big budget for gaming so I need to pick my games carefully and I would like to be able to play demos of them before buying or even renting them. I want them to include not only games that are coming out soon, but games that are already out and DSiWare games too..

How about you guys?

Edit: Im not really sure why I worded the topic title as I did since demos wouldnt need a firmware update which I made it sound like I meant, but w/e too late now I suppose.
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User Info: IamDodongo

5 years ago#2
Absolutely. Demos would promise a lot of sales for upcoming games.

I also still want the MML3 Prototype :-/

User Info: IcedEarthaholic

5 years ago#3
Definitely confirm, it would certainly help sales by allowing people to try out games before they buy.
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User Info: CHOVI3

5 years ago#4
C of course. Nintendo's mentioned demos multiple times and I want them since then.

User Info: J_pheonix

5 years ago#5
Absolutely C
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User Info: cheeseyrox2

5 years ago#6

I want the E3 demos of Mario Kart and Mario 3D.
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User Info: Terotrous

5 years ago#7
It would definitely be a good idea.
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User Info: chaomaster4000

5 years ago#8
D. It's a great idea that should definitely be implemented, but in the next update I want to be able to send messages to people in the friends list.
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User Info: _Shikoba_

5 years ago#9
C definitely. A lot of great games to look forward to right now, and some demos would be a great touch.
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User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
5 years ago#10

The best way to persuade a person to buy a game is by letting them play the game.
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