C/D Demos are the next thing you want in an update for the 3DS.

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5 years ago#11

Also it can put a slight stop to piracy since they would no longer have the excuse of "I just wanna try the game before wasing my money on it." (never said it would stop completly just slightly.)
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5 years ago#12

Message/Chat, and THEN demos.
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5 years ago#13
Heck, they should implement them sort of like how they did with Nintendo Video--have the software "installed" on the home menu, and then when you click on it redirect you to the E-Shop.

This will raise awareness of games coming out to the 3DS and will give consumers a taste.
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5 years ago#14
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5 years ago#15
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5 years ago#16
SoaringDive posted...

Message/Chat, and THEN demos.

I definitely want messaging and such but I think that can wait until more online games are out. That would definitely be my next choice after demos. I hope they have some sort of messaging before Mario Kart comes out, lol.
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5 years ago#17

I would prefer the ability to play my own videos from the SD card.
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5 years ago#18
I loved demos back in the N64/Playstation days. I haven't seen them since. I'd possibly like something new too if I got a chance to try a demo.
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5 years ago#19
I could live without demos but each 3DS game should have at least a video.
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5 years ago#20
Flompchomp posted...
I loved demos back in the N64/Playstation days.

Demos didn't end after N64/PS1.
XBOX had demos. Each of Microsoft's magazines(the one that was dedicated to XBOX) came with a demo disc.
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