friend codess!!!!!!

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User Info: DarkLinkXL

5 years ago#1
my friend code is below add me and write ur friend code and i will add you back
3DS FC: 4296-3102-8630

User Info: chucklehofft

5 years ago#2
In sig. Please send me a PM WITH your own friend code in it. That way I don't have to go digging around in the forums looking for this topic. Cheers.
3DS FC (PM w/ your FC if you add me): 3995 6506 3259
Phantasy Star 2 screen name: Clavis II |Class: Hunter |Race: Newman

User Info: CorruptedRPG

5 years ago#3

Talk about desperate.
C. Playing:

User Info: little_fat_boy

5 years ago#4
my info


name - greggor
Go Go Big Underpants !!!!

User Info: dankanefan

5 years ago#5
Please learn the definition of an opinion before trying to argue with me. Thanks.

User Info: Shadowgamer00

5 years ago#6
Hello I added everyone friend code in this page

Mines is: 2578-3110-3650
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