Sign here if you don't give a crap about MegaMan

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Having a different opinion is now trolling? A lot of people are annoyed about this whol Megaman thing, but I'm sure there are still people that aren't bothered in the slightest. Having an opinion other than 'this is devastating' does not mean you shouldn't be allowed to post about it. Lord knows there are enough topics mourning the damn thing, why shouldn't there be a few for people who actually don't care?

Having an opinion is one thing. Expressing it this way is another. He could have easily said Who here doesn't like Megaman? Instead of Sign here if you don't give a crap about MegaMan.

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More games are good for more games. Even ones you don't like, but especially ones that are in no way shovel ware, like real mega man games. ( I never could get into them but it seems the battle network or whatever it was called got out of hand with multiple colors etc. )
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slaysme420 posted...
More games are good for more games. Even ones you don't like

Try telling that to the countless people on this board who complain at the mere mention of Call of Duty or Angry Birds :p
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When did this site go from being BlogFAQs to PetitionFAQs? I'm confused.
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