Does it really take Club Nintendo 4 days to prepare an order?

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I'm not upset, but amazed. I didn't think it took that much time to process such a small item.
when a company ships free they wait until they have enough stuff ordered to make it worth their while. it cost less to ship in bulk rather than rush to ship out a few items.

That makes sense. Some of the replies make it sound like I should've knew that.

You really should have though. No offense.

Probably, I just never ordered anything free over the internet.
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I ordered the big AR card on the 25th and it shipped the next day. So you must be unlucky.
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Depends on what time of the day you ordered it, as well as the day of the week. If you ordered it late friday, don't expect anything to ship out until monday.
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I ordered one of the fans and it was shipped on June 29th or so and I still haven't gotten it yet. We just had a postal strike so it could still be sitting in customs but my sister ordered several items from the UK which shipped out later than my fan and she already got them a while back now : /
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