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5 years ago#71
Justin Competent posted...
Untitled108 posted...
To all the haters: 5,000 in the first three days is nothing to scoff at.

That is as many as 500 tens. And that is terrible.

That's also as many as 5000 ones.

...........................Your point is?
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5 years ago#72
Don't forget that no matter if MM is made or not, a new Zelda will probably be delayed into near-oblivion as always, therefore MM will not factor into its release date.
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5 years ago#73
There's no "obvious" proof that a MM 3DS remake is an "inevitable" release. Why would they mine the meager N64 library just for the 3DS? they could have done it on the DS and maybe made it a true remake like the did with SM64 (it got 3 extra playable characters and new stars to collect. OoT only got the same bosses in a gauntlet match.) They could easily let MM simmer until the 3DS successor comes around, and the fanboys will have something new to assume is the most perfect thing ever.
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5 years ago#74
Nintendo could update Majora's Mask with some extra's indeed.

Only time will tell.
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