Are there any games comign out this year I might like?

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I REALLY wanted MML3 so bad I was gonna spend over 100 dollars buying the prototype multiple times just to support it.


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The list of upcoming 3DS games was known before the system came out. Some concrete dates, some tentative which you have to assume would get delayed. Why buy a system with that information already known and then complain about none of the type of games you like coming out for the rest of the year?
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Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle is out if you like those games.
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TC forgot time travelers
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pikachupwnage posted...
if you never played the original get OOT 3D. also get DOA and SSFIV if you like fighters you will like those.

someone doesn't like to read...
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Resident Evil The Mercs
Ghost Recon Shadow Wars
The Cartoon Network Fighting game (not sure if it's good at all though)
Or are you only looking at games that aren't out right now?
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On port/remake dislike are they acceptable if it's the first time a region got that game (Phoenix Wright, FF3, DQ5-6 back in days of DS)? Or if it's a whole different genre (Lufia 2 DS)?

And since TC pulled the MML3 card.

TC may as well get Solarobo for regular DS. It's not like it's the sucessor to a PS1 game (Tail Concerto) that some people, upon seeing, mistook for a MML game. And it's not like the company that did Solatorobo and said MML-like PS1 game started making a game for Capcom recently. Wishful thinking? absolutely.

Especially throwing in that don't like Nintendo series part almost makes me question if this isn't just stealth trolling or knee jerk reaction of being a jerk, instead of doing something potentially productive. Something productive would be like getting Starmen, Operation Rainfall, and the MML3 fanbase to band together and find some still-planned-to-release games that their fanbases would like, but are doomed to poor sales. And prop those games up to decent or good sales numbers.

You know, actually prove in practice/reality (rather than their current angle of intangible theorycraft or talk like Facebook and petitions) that the vocal minorities can have a noticable positive impact to sales numbers (pirated copies don't count). You know, do that thing Nintendo offered years back, but Starmen refused to do, to get Mother 3 officially localised. But this time on our terms of which game to hype, rather than Nintendo's choice.

Even if it's too late (and who knows? maybe it isn't) for some of these games, we can take solace in that we have the potential to prevent others from having to experience the pain and heartache we endured.

P.S. though the concept was partially founded in sarcasm, I'm actually serious. At this point, joining together and focus on games other than the ones they were created to support may just be the best way to actually serve the games they were created to support. Personally I want to buy MML3P, MML3, Mother 3, probably Xenoblade, and probably Last Story if they got localised here so I want such an effort to succeed.
Really? You did WHAT? And said THAT? Looks like Dragon's Dogma and all the RE games just lost a sale. MM and MH are still safe, but that's it.
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well doa dimensions is a fun fighter. if you only want games coming out this year... then devil survivor overclocked is the only thing i can think of, sure it is a port but they packed way more stuff in so its worth picking up if u never played it. hell i did play it and i want this new one.
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pikachupwnage posted...
if you never played the original get OOT 3D. also get DOA and SSFIV if you like fighters you will like those.

action adventure is super mario 3d and kid icarus looks good :D

You listed all game I would not enjoy.