GBA VC confirmed?!

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User Info: Nave316

5 years ago#11
Although I would have taken Mario Advance or Mario And Luigi over Wario Ware...

User Info: WarioFan63

5 years ago#12
Hey for all we know SMA and Mario & Luigi could still be coming. There's 5 more unrevealed GBA games we're getting!

But no these free NES and GBA aren't gonna be in 3D. - Find out what's out, where it's out, when it came out and more between Wii Shop, DSi Shop, and eShop!

User Info: Jackalfox

5 years ago#13
North America gets it too.
"July 18th, 2011: remember this date, Capcom. The date you made a powerless, but extremely annoying enemy." - Professor Icepick (via Capcom Unity)
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