FREE Metroid Fusion on 3ds?! Yes please:D

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User Info: OverlordAlik

5 years ago#1
Thank you Nintendo :D
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User Info: legendarylemur

5 years ago#2
This and the Warioware that's been critically praised that I never got to try out.

These really excited me
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User Info: little_fat_boy

5 years ago#3

From: legendarylemur | #002
This and the Warioware

I love the first Warioware and haven't played it in years. I'm very excited.
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User Info: phantom_14

5 years ago#4
I still have the original, but I am looking forward for yoshi island(never played it).
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User Info: baconcow1812

5 years ago#5
Yoshi's Island is incredible!
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User Info: AquaF1end

5 years ago#6
I'm pumped.
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User Info: vidalmoraza

5 years ago#7
If they put a zelda GBA game in the mix, I could care less about the price drop........
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User Info: Soulofweewee

5 years ago#8
Original LoZ and Mario Kart as well.
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User Info: VFXman

5 years ago#9
Theyre like hundred microgames on wario ware and bout ten mini games.
its gona rule having this on my system at all times.

User Info: sarevokmb

5 years ago#10
I can't wait. I'm fine with the price drop. I thought the 3DS was worth it at $250, but a lower price means more sales (hopefully), which will mean more 3DS games!

I have the original Wario Ware, but the save battery died, and the game resets whenever you turn it off. I 100%ed it, but I still can't wait to do it again. Hey, what about Wario Ware Twisted too? The 3DS has a gyroscope! Twisted was one of the best GBA games out there.
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  3. FREE Metroid Fusion on 3ds?! Yes please:D

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