NOW do you fanboys finally believe me that the 3DS was overpriced?

#41Baha05Posted 7/28/2011 6:42:19 AM
TripleJumpMB posted...
^ Yes, but the 500 for an Xbox and 600 for a PS3 gave you far better technology than the 250 Wii.

Yeah, maybe after the fact it took a while to get anything good on the PS3 due to a slow start and the 100 Extra bucks if you wanted a wireless xbox (Or if you are smart and had an eithernet cable)

The point was the Wii had it's ups and downs and was far from an expensive system ad the fact is that it was beating the 360 and the PS3 for the longest time.
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Cave_Lion posted...
Wii was overpriced, Gamecube was Overpriced.

Umm, NOBODY complained the GC or the Wii, especially the Wii, was overpriced.

In fact, retailers forced Nintendo to raise the price of the Wii by $50 by packing in Wii Sports because they considered it TOO CHEAP.

Baha05 posted...
Disagree all you want, point is there are other costs that go into the creation of a 3DS and R&D is one of them and others were said in the topic.

I love that "disagree all you want" reply, How, despite all my counter arguments that expose the whole "R&D and other costs" argument for being baseless, posters essentially do the equivalent of plug their ears and go "la la la I can't hear you" because they have nothing to counter it, and instead continue to insist on spreading their incorrect "facts" around to counter those who are using actual logic.

No one complained about pricing back then for systems was because at the time the GBA was the only portable device out there for gaming

People have before and will again complain about systems that are too expensive, even if they are the only game in town. The GBA was not considered too expensive at launch, it wasn't because it was the only handheld.

Yuikiko posted...
I kinda expected the 3DS to get a price cut during August, like what happened with the original phat DS. But the free games I didn't expect.

The DS came out in the US in November, it was almost a year old by the time August came around....

The 3DS is 4 months old in the US.

TripleJumpMB posted...
^ Yes, but the 500 for an Xbox and 600 for a PS3 gave you far better technology than the 250 Wii.

And the Wii obliterated the 360 and PS3 in sales.

Everyone also claimed the PS3 was insanely overpriced at $600 (Face it, almost nobody bought the $500 version with no wifi and pathetically small hdd).

If anything, Sony has learned that he who has the most powerful hardware is not always the winner, especially if packing all those features into said hardware skyrockets the price.

Sony and MS were making a LOSS on easy console Sold, Nintendo said they were making a profit of $50 on each Wii sold.
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