The James cameron of video games

#1wave1000Posted 7/28/2011 5:59:11 AM
Does anybody know anyone that fits this bill because Nintendo really needs them now.
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#2IvilancePosted 7/28/2011 6:00:47 AM
Peter Molyneux.

High expectations, constant disappointments, baffling sales. Spot on.
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#3gransPosted 7/28/2011 6:05:23 AM
I'll also cite Square Enix-

Amazing visuals for games like FF13, mediocre gameplay, but great sales. Not that they don't still make good games, but the FF series (their powerhouse) is going downhill, while still remaining amazing on a technical level and selling pretty well.
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#4wave1000(Topic Creator)Posted 7/28/2011 6:11:41 AM
But who has the best tech?
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