Sign here if this whole situation has worked out to be SUPER AWESOME for you

#41CrazeePeterPosted 7/28/2011 9:34:19 AM

I'm an old bastard and Canadian, eh? And an early adopter to boot!
Still happy with my 3DS, eh! (Just thought I'd be a stereotype lol)
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#42ffdghPosted 7/28/2011 9:39:26 AM
i was going to get 1 soon but now that its getting a drop, i can get 1 with 2-5 games :D
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#43CHOVI3Posted 7/28/2011 9:44:01 AM
Signs. I live in Mexico so the price drop won't really affect here too much. And besides, it was originally 500 here and I got it at 270 (250+ shipping) so I'm happy.