"Mario Kart 7" "Super Mario 3D Land"

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5 years ago#11
7 just reminds me of how many Mario Party games have happened
and I get sad
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5 years ago#12
Yeah, I'm thinking Mario Kart 7 will go back to being called Mario Kart 3D.
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5 years ago#13
i hope wario gets his own game soon
5 years ago#14
They should call it Super Mario Kart R.
If I can reading these bad puns my IQ is going
to dive to subzero levels.
5 years ago#15
Mario Kart 7 obviously isn't final. Hopefully Super Mario 3D Land isn't either.
shoot the core.
5 years ago#16
I don't mind Super Mario 3D Land, as long as Wario, Daisy or Tatanga are in the game.
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5 years ago#17
I don't know... Super Mario 3D Land sounds too particular and odd to be a working title.
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5 years ago#18
I like the Super Mario 3D Land title, the series really didn't have a core and expanded into wario land games. So I guess it doesn't make any sense... and it never will, make it happen Nintendo!
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