OMG!!!!! i love nintendo! :D

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User Info: birgeer

5 years ago#1
i love nintendo!!! :D i was THIS close to selling my 3ds 2day, and then i checked kotaku before leaving the house, and i saw that we`ll get 10 free nes games, and 10 free GAMEBOY ADVANCE games if we bougth a full price 3ds b4 august :O

now im definitly not selling my 3ds, il rather wait, thats just awsome:O i take back everything iwe ever said about the 3ds beeing over priced ^^ we even get mario land 3, metroid fusion, mario kart and more games before they get released for eshop :O

cant wait :D
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User Info: vyseskies

5 years ago#2
I'm sure u arent alone but try act like civilized people please. Its far too early to take conclusions about anything. Later 2013 we'll see.
03/24/11 -18:18 PM : We need a Smash bros. sequel with balancing chars and competitive play.
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  3. OMG!!!!! i love nintendo! :D

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