Nintendo company is in trouble. stock down almost 15% in 2 days,

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talk about harsh. shareholders will not be happy.
Over the past 3 months, nintendo's stock is down THIRTY THREE(!) percent

Do you know stock market?

Just the stock has less value, the money they had, for the DS and Wii, is in a vault without any change...

Do you know business 101. Poor stock performance is indicative of low consumer and investor confidence, two things any huge multinational corporation LIVES off of.

True, but stocks cab be up tomorrow and thatīs it, no penny lost...

People act in a stock low % like Nintendo lost 13% of their money already...
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Guys, you can't honestly be defending a 30% stock decrease. Regardless of your faith in Nintendo, that's really not a good sign. They're in a damn tough spot right now.

Don't bother, fanboys are the most delusional humans alive.

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This affects me and you how? Do you watch WArner Bros movies? Read our magazines (People, etc.?) Well, when we merged with AOL our stock dropped a hell of a lot more than this. ANd you know how it affected the consumer? It didn't. as a nintendo fan, saying OMG THE STOCK DROPPED is stupid. Who cares. The articles are misleading too, they missed budget, but they are not going bankrupt.

Nintendo making less money does not affect me, you, or anyone. It affects those who own stock. SOme of you want to be negative, and act like the company is going to fall apart. It's not the case.

They did a price correction because they priced their product too high. That's all.