Everything people are saying about the 3DS was said about the original DS

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It's gonna do fine :)
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UPDATE 3-Nintendo sees lowest profit in 27 yrs, slashes 3DS price

* Slashes full-year op profit forecast to 35 bln yen, 27 year-low

* Books Q1 operating loss of 37.7 bln yen, records first quarterly loss

* Cuts retail price for 3DS handheld player in Japan, U.S.

* Shares down about 30 pct over past 3 months

Did that happen with the DS, too?
#3mcsmellingtonPosted 7/28/2011 11:00:47 AM
The original DS wasnt expected to do well, it was a third pillar device, with a new name, new design and a new gimmick that hadn't been seen before. It was completely separate from Gameboy, and people didn't expect it to go far. The 3DS is supposed to be riding the wave of DS success; the used the same branding and the same design, just throwing in another gimmick (not using it in the negative way, btw). They expected to capitalise on the DS name, and they haven't. The two can't really be compared because the circumstances are so different.
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