Ever since eShop went up, I was thinking "Man, wish I could get some of these.."

#1MattperdPosted 7/28/2011 11:07:42 AM
And now I can! Man, I won't be bored for months! I'm glad I was an early adopter. Seeing how the 3DS matures, got Excitebike for free, and got to be the first people to try all the new things coming out steadily, was a great experience.

And what's more, Nintendo didn't even HAVE to give us anything, let alone, TWENTY games! When PS3 dropped in price, we got nothing. Xbox 360 did, nothing- in fact, we had to pay MORE for a Kinect. When Wii made the Internet Channel free, the people who did buy it got a free NES game.

I gotta say, when I look at the shop, then see what WILL come out and what I can get, my mom and I smiled big. Our 3DS' will get a lot of game time. This is awesome.

What were your reactions to the news? Do you think that the gift was good? Disappointed? Amused? Will those who didn't get a 3DS get it now? Do you think it was a geniously planned marketing strategy, or a shameless cop out?
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