Is Nintendo losing alot of money by giving out free games?

#31VyersPosted 7/28/2011 7:39:22 PM
Alpha88eclipse posted...
Vyers nintendo would indeed make money by reselling these games on the 3ds virtual counsel, but I most definitely do not support this shady business tactic. It would not cost nintendo a nickel to put these games on the eshop.

No packaging, development, or distribution cost, just the leeching off former nintendo employees work from decades ago. Besides nintedo already made a profit years ago off these games and want more at ridiculous eshop prices?

All of these games I most likely already own on the GBA, digitally on the wii, or on Animal crossing for game cube. How much does nintendo expect to milk out of these old games? What nintendo should have done at the 3ds onset is allow you to transfer your wii virtual counsel purchases to the 3ds like sony allows you with the ps3 and psp ps1 classics, but greed got in the way.

It costs several hundred dollars to rate games for the ESRB.
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Heck no. They way overpriced the 3DS. You can think about it like all early adopters were forced into paying for the 20 games. Well they weren't forced but that is how overpriced the 3DS was.

They wouldn't have sold this many of the 20 games to everyone.
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Hmm... I would say no. The NES games don't cost Nintendo a dime and the GBA games are "exclusive" to Ambassador members and "will not" be sold to the public ever.
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