Wow... my 3DS games purchasing history has really sucked.

#1raymanfan1Posted 7/28/2011 1:32:41 PM
First, I got Ridge Racer 3D in a 3DS bundle deal, where RR was nearly free, which I played twice and didn't like (not a racing game fan)
Then, I found a guy who wanted to trade his Rayman 3D for it, it was, meh, but I 100%ed it 3 times, then traded it at EB Games for $27 NZD.
Then I got Rabbids 3D, which was more suited for 6-year-olds, completed it in 2 days, so i traded that for another $27, then I got OoT 3D, and have it sitting in my 3DS now with absolutely no intention of selling.
I also got Lego Star Wars 3 as a gift, on the condition that it didn't get sold if I didn't like it. I don't like it.
Anything good out now for 3DS that I'm missing?
Also have Okamiden for Original DS sitting here to complete.
Anyone else have such a stupid 3DS buying history?
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