Done on purpose?

#1GEKGanonPosted 7/28/2011 2:25:19 PM(edited)
I know a lot of people are having a nice gaffaw at the people saying this was done on purpose, calling them delusional and whatnot. But the more I think about it, the more I can't help but think maybe it was done on purpose.

Nintendo set the price point at $250 at launch, said the included software and blah blah blah justified the price. A lot of people disagreed, and were definately vocal about the high price. So when it came to the initial price, Nintendo was well aware that many people were disappointed. Did this effect the sales some? Definately. The system had some pleasing numbers at first, but nothing spectacular.

Maybe it didn't sell like hotcakes, but it isn't like Nintendo just now stumbled across these low sales numbers and started freaking out. They are constantly tracking sales numbers, they know what they are selling, and if the system was floundering worse than they expected, you'd think they'd try to make some small adjustments. Maybe cut the price a little on the system, or drop the price on some first party titles (like Nintendogs or Pilotwings), or even make special bundles (like a gold 3DS with Ocarina of Time). The original DS dropped from $150 to $130 nearing the release of the first Nintendogs game 9 months after the system launched. With the Wii sales sagging, Nintendo dropped the price numerous times, and made some changes to pack-ins, changing from Wii Sports to Mario Kart.

However, we didn't see Nintendo try ANY of this... not a single adjustment was made to the hardware package in either price or content prior to today. Instead, what we get is one of the steepest, quickest price cuts in video game history... nearly 1/3 of the system's price instantly cut. For them to simply sit back and not attempt anything when sales are lacking, then immediately make an incredibly bold move... well, to me, that suggests this was an intentionally planned maneuver. If it was simply a matter of bad sales, you'd expect to see something in the pipeline (especially something like a bundle) other than a price reduction so dramatic, Nintendo felt the need to pay off early adopters.
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