Pretty sure its too late for 3ds

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I honestly think a price drop that big is going to scare people away...
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legendarylemur posted...
Actually, according to past history, cheaper consoles sell better lol. There's no justification of otherwise from a business standpoint -_-

Tell that to N64. Gamecube. Dreamcast.
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1shadetail1 posted...
Panic? What panic? Millions of 3DS units have been sold already, and Nintendo has pretty much flat-out admitted that they were just milking the early adopter market for extra money. And as others have already pointed out above, price drops almost always cause a spike of new purchases.

This sounds far more like shrewd business rather than panic.

I don't remember reading about them admitting they were milking the early adopters. Care to post a link?
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The DS had a price drop and I bought it then. Despite already having a 3DS now, I saw the benefit of the DS price drop and of this 3DS price drop. However, when I bought the 3DS after the price drop, I wasn't given 20 free games. I think Nintendo has an incredible plan for both sides.
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CompleteGamer7 posted...
I honestly think a price drop that big is going to scare people away...

Nintendo cut the price early enough that anyone who actually would be worried would probably stop caring by the holidays.
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I know me and my friend are picking up a 3DS come price cut time. Good decision from Nintendo methinks.
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Price drops invigorate sales. PS3, Wii, DS...every system ever
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