I hope this means that there will be a big price drop for DS Lite.

#1im_your_mommaPosted 7/28/2011 2:47:17 PM
I need to get a new DS Lite(I prefer it for original DS and GBA games) because the "down" button on mine no longer works. So hopefully they drop the price of the original DS' to try and get them off the shelves.
#2HitagiPosted 7/28/2011 2:48:32 PM
DS Lite was discontinued several months ago. It will be up to retailers to slash the price, not Nintendo.
#3LordAndrewPosted 7/28/2011 2:50:04 PM
The DS Lite is discontinued. If retailers still have stock they need to clear out, they can drop the price themselves.
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#4JackofSpades209Posted 7/28/2011 3:07:33 PM
I saw DSlites for $90 at Target
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#5chickenturkey10Posted 7/28/2011 3:10:21 PM
Then they were obviously unsold stock.
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