One thing might hurt me on the 11th

#1Darkstorm16Posted 7/28/2011 3:03:26 PM
I have a crappy internet company that in extreme heat no matter where the router is it can give out, I just hope it isnt that day, I'm all set now just want to download them I have like 10,000 blocks of memory since I never downloaded games besides Excitebike, Nintendo Video and the Pokedex 3D, just to be safe I could also use my camera card. I am all ready bring it on nintendo, its on like donkey kong baby!
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#2sam13_90Posted 7/28/2011 3:17:45 PM
The 12th this month is the price drop date, and if you log in to the eshop before then, then on september 1st, you can get 10 NES virtual console games, and then a little while later, (probably a month or something) you can get 10 GBA games.

im sorry to say that we are more than a month away from the free games!
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