The Ambassodor Programme is Really Confusing...

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5 years ago#1
Yeah it seems cool, but all of the things I've read is you have to visit the eShop on August 11 before midnight or something to be included in the program. Does that mean I have to visit the shop on that one particular day of the year?!? Damn I just hope I don't die before then, or lose my 250 dollar 3DS or heaven forbid the internet isn't down on that particular day. Yeah good one Nintendo this really helps.
5 years ago#2
You just visit the eShop before that time
5 years ago#3
The press release stated you have to log in at least once before 23:59 on whatever date it was. So you could log in now and not again until the games are up and you'd still qualify you for the program.
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5 years ago#4
I thought Nintendo made it very crystal clear that as long as you've logged into the EShop before the clock strikes 12:00AM of August 12, that you qualify

From the day the Eshop went up until 11:59PM August 11- You qualify
12:00AM August 12- You don't get the free games
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5 years ago#5
To be safe, just connect your Club Nintendo account to the eShop on your 3DS now. Then you should have no worries.
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