so is there no update to the 3ds store tonight

#1arthas386Posted 7/28/2011 4:40:30 PM
i dont see anything new
#2T00N_LinkPosted 7/28/2011 4:41:14 PM
I heard there were new DSi games and a gold game for VC.
#3T00N_LinkPosted 7/28/2011 4:41:30 PM
I meant golf, not "gold". lol
#4ashockeyPosted 7/28/2011 4:42:15 PM
Let's golf 3D for 3dsware
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#5Wynters387Posted 7/28/2011 4:43:03 PM
Go into "what we're playing" the newer games are there including Lets Play Golf 3d.
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#6BongbuddyPosted 7/28/2011 4:54:36 PM
So no virtual console game this week?
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#7RomanticidePosted 7/28/2011 4:55:25 PM
EU store got a Gameboy Baseball game.
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#8NyyarkPosted 7/28/2011 4:55:39 PM
Thought we were getting the nintendo video channel?
#9jayman7Posted 7/28/2011 5:04:13 PM
We got the Nintendo Video channel last week...
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