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5 years ago#11
vcough posted...
I'll stick with Mario Kart 7.

That's like going to a casino and betting that the house wins instead of the player. I think it is pretty much a given that Mario Kart 3D will be amazing. But, it doesn't have to be one or the other, I know I'll be buying both.

I really like what Renegade Kid did with the DS version. its better than any of the off road/ATV games on the DS and I would go so far as to say it is better than any of the street racing games on the DS (Need for Speed, Asphalt, Grid, etc). As indy developers, these guys have shown a lot of promise and potential.

TheSPP posted...
I love Renegade Kid. Dementium 1/2 and Moon were awesome.

I completely agree. I really hoping we get some sequels on the 3DS, especially for Moon. - Metroid music remixed to metal - See my sidebar for more free VG music
5 years ago#12
If there was any way I could manage to get someone to buy me the first one on the DS, I'd gift them a game on Steam of equal value. Seriously, I want the game that bad. I just can't find it anywhere in Canada.

I'd also support this game if it came here as well. I had to wait about a month longer for Dementium II, I'll wait as long as it takes to play either of these titles, along with Mutant Mudds (or whatever it's being called now). I'm fairly certain these guys can do no wrong. They're my favorite small developers on handhelds. WayForward comes a close second, but Renegade Kid takes the cake here.
5 years ago#13

From: obishawn | #007
Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

I'm guessing this is intentional.
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5 years ago#14
Where's mah Dementium 3/Moon 2? >:(
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5 years ago#15
OmegaZero633 posted...
Where's mah Dementium 3/Moon 2? >:(

Now, now. Have faith in this awesome studio. They have said on several occasions that they don't want to be remembered ad "that studio that did horror shooting games", or something similar to that. Let them do their racing games for now (ATV series, and the 3DS kart racer) before they decide what to do next. However, that being said, I'd love to one day in the future see them make Moon 2 and Dementium III. I'd like definitive ends to both, however. I don't think that there's much else for Dementium to go, and Moon feels about half over.
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