Operation Price Fall, lets start a petition

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VegetaD posted...
Mariofan15 posted...

Price fall is good for everyone! People who have been on the fence get to buy a 3DS, and early adopters get 20 quality titles! Even if they are ports, if you haven't played most of them it's well worth it.
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xCha0s posted...
I agree, Nintendo is a monster. They must be stopped.

a monster? wow..you're overreacting...

Sarcasm doesn't translate well through the internet does it?
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People who have been on the fence get to buy a 3DS

i, personally, would not sit on a fence. why would i want sharp metal up my butt?
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Sarcasm doesn't translate well


it seems to translate extremely well actually
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Overreaction ITT.

Thanks for a chuckle, TC.
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oh... I didn't realize it before. xChaos are you like an undercover troll or something? lol.

Heck petitioning this is almost as ridiculous as petitioning for Majora's Mask. People don't understand what petitions are for...
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well it is pretty cold, i wouldnt mind being under covers right now
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Even less inspired than I had imagined. D-.

(What the heck is a D-notice?)
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