The Consumer Has The Advantage Now!

#1plagamesforevaPosted 7/28/2011 5:20:06 PM
Nintendo is at the consumers mercy. Nintendo is being challenged by Sony, Microsoft, and Apple, as well as various cell phone companies fighting for the video game market.

Fans are being spit so many different ways.

I think we all should put pressure on Nintendo to release certain games that will sell well, appeal to a good variety of people, and allow us to revisit old classics in a new light. I hope Nintendo releases Majora's Mask, Link To The Past, and F-Zero X as 3D remakes and I hope those three Wii games are released.
CAPCOM needs to make a 3rd Capcom Classics Collection (Include Super Street Fighter II), Mega Man: Powered Up 2 & Mega Man: Powered Up 3 for the N3DS!
#2CoffeeShopLamePosted 7/28/2011 5:28:36 PM
# of people i've gotten to watch Code Geass: LotR - 9