I don't understand the eShop price complaints?

#11pikachupwnagePosted 7/29/2011 6:02:21 AM
Ben Reilly posted...
Because you can buy much better games, in terms of graphics, technology, and length, etc... for the same price if not cheaper.

So you can spend $4 and get a PS3/360/Wii downloadable game with online play, decent to good graphics, etc... why would you charge and or pay for a black and white 20 year old game boy game for the same price.

Those games should be like $1 max.

Nintendo really needs to take a page out of Apple's book on that because all there downloadable games are a complete rip off.

Especially when (Sega games for example) the competition not only sales the game cheaper, but with better graphics, online play, and other extras.

uhh its also hard to find those games they are worth alot actaully.
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