When should I get a 3ds?

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User Info: ShadowsOfDusk

5 years ago#1
Anyone leaving distasteful comments about how I should NOT get it can leave now.

I'm getting a 3DS EVENTUALLY I don't know whether I should get it before August 11 for the exclusive games + 20 free DLC...

After August 11 because it drops in price $80.

Or wait until there's a special edition skin, (or when the games I'm really looking forward to are anounced / released) [Mario Kart, Paper Mario, Super Smash Bros, CROSSING FINGERS FOR MARIO PARTY 3DS]
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User Info: HermanTuttle

5 years ago#2
When the games come out. If ever.

User Info: Skul_

5 years ago#3
Holidays: You get the price drop, plus a nice library.

Unless you want the bonus games. In which case, now.
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User Info: TrentHawkins

5 years ago#4
Take a look at the free games for buying now. If they appeal to you, get it. If not, wait. If you can't decide, flip a coin. That'll tell you what you want pretty fast unless you're really on the fence.
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User Info: oH_Hydra

5 years ago#5
Now there cheap on ebay for 199 w zelda or ssf4 3d, great deal and you get the 20 free games!

User Info: moogle69

5 years ago#6
im just gonna wait til holidays.
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User Info: oH_Hydra

5 years ago#7
No 20 free eshop games for you then worth 130 bucks

User Info: Im_A_Dog

5 years ago#8
When you stop being lazy and start doing your damn chores.
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