What did people get when the Ipad dropped in price?

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What did people get when the PS3 dropped in price ?

Really, I hope they got something.

They got the satisfaction of knowing their version of the console had better backwards compatibility, as opposed to none.

This, basically. I would pay $100 to have backwards compatibility on mine... want to play SSX Tricky so bad but the PS2 is broken...
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Capcom cancelled Megaman Legends...that had nothing to do with Nintendo. Unfortunate, but if you bought the system just for that one game then you're telling me that that game is worth about $150 itself. But the system is not worth $250? What a freakin joke.

Waaaaahhhhh the system is to expensive....but I bought it anyways cause it really wasn't too expensive but I just like to complain.

Waaaaahhhhh the system is too cheap now....even though I was perfectly fine spending $250, now that $80 is gonna change my life forever. I really love the 20 free games I can't complain if I act like I like them.
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IIRC, the people that bought one maybe a month before the price drop got a $100 refund.
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