To people freaking out about Nintendo losing 300 million...

#1Lemmywinks13Posted 7/29/2011 1:17:57 AM
Do you guys realize Sony has been losing money hand over fist with the PS3? These quarterly losses are normal for them. It happens a couple times for Nintendo and people think the end is near. They paid for and are paying for research and development of two new systems. That costs tons of money that won't be made up for a year or two. It's the same reason Microsoft lost so much money whenever the Xbox came out. They still have BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars...losing 300 million is a drop in the bucket.
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Revenue =/= Profit, Sir Internet Economist.
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M$ lost 4 billions on the original Xbox
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Sony and Microsoft have assets and sources of revenue in many areas other than gaming. Nintendo doesn't. When it makes losses in gaming, it makes losses overall. When Sony makes losses in gaming, they make profits in their phones and televisions. When Microsoft makes losses in gaming, they make profits in their many other software and services.
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When a videogame company posts gains on nearly every quarter for 25 years and then posts a loss on a quarter or two, then I fail to see the doom. Nintendo isn't Sony or Microsoft but they are HUGE! This isn't anything to worry about. Like I said, developing two systems at once is expensive and they are paying for it now to reep the rewards later.