NES Games are Transferabble to new 3DSs, but not GBA

#1TheAlanEdgeHeadPosted 7/29/2011 3:15:30 AM

Seems like you'll have to keep your original 3DS if/when the inevitable 3DS redesign comes out if you wanna hold on to those GBA games. What I don't get is why let the NES games move over, but not GBA?

That link also gives details about the early versions of the games that Ambassadors get. Like no save states off the bat and no manuals.
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#2xCha0sPosted 7/29/2011 3:24:19 AM
the only one that bothers me is the home button not working on gba games.
#3paulinkPosted 7/29/2011 3:25:22 AM
I don't see me trading in this 3ds ever so I think i'll be good.
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#4xCha0sPosted 7/29/2011 3:35:21 AM(edited)
even after all of your complaints about the bottom screen scratching the top one, you wont trade it in?
#5Mario_BonesPosted 7/29/2011 3:38:23 AM
I never trade in my consoles, I like to collect them :)
The more annoying thing is the Home button and StreetPass/SpotPass not working in the game
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#6lambchipsPosted 7/29/2011 3:41:12 AM

i keep all first generation systems, so doesnt really bother me
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i usually buy second iterations are trade those in (i tend to have more emotional attachments to first gen stuff... because they hold so much more nostalgia for me)
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#7Shift BreakerPosted 7/29/2011 3:45:40 AM
So, to clarify, both NES and GBA are getting "Beta" versions of their virtual console counterparts, but only NES ones are getting upgrades as those are definitely getting a regular eShop release.

So basically, playing GBA games is just like playing them on a DS.

Or like playing them on a GBA.

Eh, I can live with that, I guess. GBA games tend to have much better methods and options for saving games than GB/NES games, so it's not all bad. Just makes it...authentic, I guess. Wouldn't mind them releasing those games to the store eventually, though, just to offer upgrades. Make it exclusive for a couple of months since they're released. Then we can transfer them over to future consoles, whether they be 3DSLite or a 3DS-2.
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#8lambchipsPosted 7/29/2011 3:47:02 AM
nintendo REALLY needs a way to remap the controls for VC games
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#9raymanfan1Posted 7/29/2011 3:53:38 AM
The home button thing and no nes save states piss me off a bit. SMB doesn't have save files, after all.
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#10Moondoggie35Posted 7/29/2011 3:55:00 AM
im sure this will change down the road when GBA games become purchasable. Nintendo is avoiding saying "never purchasable" for a reason. they can make easy money on it, therefor im sure it will happen
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