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5 years ago#1
People that are complaining about the price drop wish the system stayed the same price for another year or two. Well by staying the same price for so long I'm sure Nintendo would not of compensated you with anything. I know some of you claim to not be interested in any of the games...and if that's the case then that sucks. I refuse to believe none of the games can interest any of you or else I might say it's hard to even call you a gamer. A price drop was going to come. That much is guarenteed with any system. You following me so far? You know that when you buy the system, eventually you will have spent more for your system than newer people. By dropping this early, at least we have something to show for it. TWENTY FREAKING GAMES to show for it. If it dropped in a couple years we would have nothing but the satisfaction of having a system for longer than other people which is really no satisfaction to me.
5 years ago#2
i wont be happy until nintendo makes majoras mask 3DS that would be proper compensation =/
5 years ago#3
There's no arguing with you. While 20 free games is a nice gesture, it's games I own/played before and don't really have much desire to play them again. The price drop was too sudden and Nintendo feels like to soothe the fact that they've rapidly dropped the price, they're giving away old games. Personally, I would have enjoyed a choice of compensation, apologies if I have a different opinion.
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5 years ago#4
I agree with the TC.
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5 years ago#5
they shouldve just given us a choice of 5 GBA games and 5 NES games from 10...that wouldve been better, because then i couldve chosen the exact ones i want and be guaranteed with 10 good games.
5 years ago#6
Who's to say they won't give you an option with the unannounced ten games?

Even if they don't, you're getting Mario's and Zeldas and Metroids...top of the line games. I doubt your personal selection could be much better.

I to would like a choice of compensation...but I didn't get a choice of compensation on my tv when it's price dropped like a rock. Yeah it's two different things...but money is money.
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