Seeing all these doom and gloom topics is getting silly.

#1__Fiale__Posted 7/29/2011 6:18:38 AM(edited)
As someone else said in another topic, its as if you all want to prove that the 3ds will fail. Everyones like "omg look at these stats lol dey fayuld!!1!".

Know one seems to remember any of the other VERY slow starts of consoles or handhelds. At the start the ps3 really did seem doomed. Oh hey look its still around today doing great.

I'm not denying the 3ds's not doing as well as planned, believe me im under no illusion, but christ give it a bloody chance before saying the whole console AND company are going to go under!

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I agree; I wish people just stopped talking about it until at least next year.
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remember tc
logic and gfaqs does not mix well
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ffdgh1 posted...
remember tc
logic and gfaqs does not mix well

Damnit.. How did i forget?! D:
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It's ironic, isn't it? The 3DS is a toy, a source of amusement. Many people here are so devoted towards it that they've treated it as something serious. Let me ask you one thing. While they're puking blood at the thought of Nintendo 'robbing' them, how much fun are they having?
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where common sense goes to die

I agree with TC
waiting for Golden Sun 3DS
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Well im glad im not the only one then.
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They're reassurance topics by mostly a Vita board user mini-invasion. I honestly see no other purpose for the existence of those types of "looks like Nintendo failed" topics other than for reassurance.

Even if Nintendo has the price advantage now and likely still at a profit, and the Vita is likely selling at a loss, the Vita will probably still do fine come launch. No need for reassurance threads.
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I agree.

Anyone else?