You know, all this "3DS is finished, Nintendo is done!" seems so familiar...

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Nin3DSFan posted...
Yes, the fact that someone has only been here for 48 is the single factor that tells us whether someone is a joke poster. Not whether they are a joke poster or not, no. You simply have to have been here les than 48 hours, and you're automatically a "joke poster", a "troll" or whatever.

I could understand an actual new user being at that level, but he isn't a new user. His account was registered in April, but I haven't seen him post anything until today, and everything has been the same as in this topic (randomly posting financial information nobody asked for).
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RPG_THEORlST posted...
The NDL: Still stuck in 2005, and they still aren't old enough to vote in 2011.

Speak for yourself only. You sound exactly like a 12-year-old stuck in the mindset that a recently released handheld will be trumped by one that's not even out yet.
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RPG_THEORlST, why does this topic upset you so much?
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thanks WRRYYYYers. Though some hard skull folks never will swallow it.
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Oh man, TC cracks me up. Keep on thinking Nintendo is invincible, kiddo.
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The environments the DS and 3DS were respectively released in are like night and day.

The big difference this time, of course, is that mobile devices have cannabalized the portable market, Sony matched the 3DS' price with an infinitely more capable system, Nintendo executives are taking 20-50% paycuts based on five months of sales, the 3DS is being traded back in at an alarming rate - to the point where its valued at a paltry $13, games are being cancelled right and left, consumers don't care about the system's "hook", and the price has been slashed by more than 30% in under six months.

Different time, different market, different rules. The 3DS was the much hyped follow up to one of the most popular system's of all time, yet it's been received with nothing but apathy since launch. This. Shouldn't. Be.

If sales don't increase exponentially by Christmas than it's questionable whether or not the system will even see a second holiday season let alone a third.
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people are extremely harsh here. I could not see the average human hanging out here for very long.

you know, the same kind that plays all those ios games.
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Nice read.
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RPG_THEORlST posted...
The NDL: Still stuck in 2005, and they still aren't old enough to vote in 2011.

Stop advertising your meme.
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