THIS is the Commercial That 3DS Needed to Separate it From DS LONG AGO

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I don't know how Nintendo messed up their marketing for 3DS. Their advertising for the Wii and NDS was on the next level and put Sony to shame. Now it's trash and confusing.


Those commercials with that one guy (tallish, blonde, plain looking exec) for the PS3 were too funny and they won the "commercial race".

Xbox lost EASILY.

PS3 got their act together with the Kevin Butler commercials, but the commercials before those were underwhelming. Nintendo's "Wii would like to play commercials" reigned supreme. I wonder why they stopped those...
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Say what you will about the commercials, but "Wii Would Like to Play" was an award-winning marketing campaign that undoubtedly helped the Wii succeed.

Nintendo needs to find something like that for the 3DS.

Nice as those were, Wii didn't need to differentiate itself from its predecessor. 3DS does. So commercials like this should suffice until the big game come out, like MGS and Revelations.
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A good ad, but it sounds a bit too much like one of those oldschool Toys R Us videogame information kiosks, if anyone remembers those, rather than a TV commercial, plus they never mentioned that the system is 3D.

But yeah, overall, we need ads like that here.
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