this holiday will mark the future of dedicated handheld gaming

#11NemerlightPosted 7/30/2011 2:49:19 AM
Why is it so hard for people to get this?

I consider myself a 'core' gamer. i have all consoles and lots of games.. yet i still can't justify a 35 dollar psp game when one 20 dollar iTunes card lets me buy enough popcorn games to last me weeks.

I agree why buy one good game then you can buy bunch of terrible ones.
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#12Gimea(Topic Creator)Posted 7/30/2011 3:33:18 AM

a ton of good games like AngryBirds are free. games like Plants Vs Zombies are also way cheaper than the inferior counterparts on the 3DS.
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#13uwnimPosted 7/30/2011 4:10:29 AM
I would stop buying games if there are no handheld systems =/
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