Do you think Nintendo works harder to innovate than most other game companies?

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Ben Reilly posted...
Name 1 innovation that Apple created?

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xLexLuth0rx posted...

The iPod took the MP3 players to an all new level.

Maybe a new sales and higher price point level, but in terms of features and performance it was a step backwards.

You can deny it all you want but by the very term of what innovation is, the iPod, iPad and iPhone are clearly innovative.

I've already been over the iPOD,

The iPAD LOL, please it has fewer features than the tablets that came before it it, and operates worse. I remember when a tablet was an actually portable computer, not just an oversized cellphone with out the phone.

And the iPHONE, still does less than the Windows Mobile as well as Palm Smartphones from almost 10 years ago, and it offered no new features or innovation.

Even the App store is just apple's version of the old

You can hate on them all you want but they set new standards that anyone who has a pulse has to acknowledge. Fan or not, they've all affected their respective categories ten-fold.

Yeah but those are two different things, affecting categories is not he same as innovating.

As Apple helped those products become mainstream? Yes, MP3 players, Tablets, and Smartphones were niche devices before Apple, not they are mainstream. But making something mainstream does not equal innovating.
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Metroid_Lime posted...
Nintendo has been pretty innovative. I can't recall, but weren't they the first ones with a D-pad? And the analog stick. And as much as I hate it, they did make motion control into something big. And the glasses-free 3D is a cool idea, even if I think it's gimmicky.

So Nintendo=Innovcative.
Apple=Overpriced hardware.

Yes to D-Pad, no to Analog sticks(although they were the first to have it on a mainstream game system and force you to use it), some what yes to motion controls (power glove, power pad) and some what yes to the 3D since they were the first to use it on a game system, even though it's been on other things for a while.
Lebatard: "So what more could Derrick Rose actually have done to make you acknowledge that he had a bad game? Urinate on himself?"
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Innovation is bringing something new and essentially reinventing a stagnant market. All 3 products have done that. In each market, every other company has taken notice and utilized some of the same chore tech into their respective product. I don't think you understand the term to be quite honest. Mainstream has nothing to do with it, that's just a byproduct of it.
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ninendo is good at bringing niche/unknown stuff to the mainstream gaming community

as for innovation hell no...(but nintendo do make some really good games though)

most of the more innovative ds games are from third party developers
- ghost trick
- hotel dusk
- ouendan
- jump ultimate stars
- ninja gaiden ds
- contact
- scribblenaughts
- trauma centre
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